Sometimes door hardware becomes corroded, worn, or discolored, and simply needs to be replaced. Whether the hardware isn’t functioning properly or has simply lost its natural beauty, installing new hardware is an essential part of restoring and refinishing your doors. Most hardware can be replaced using the manufacturer’s lifetime finish warranty. However, if you would like to upgrade to a style or finish that fits your home’s new look, we’ll help you select the door handles and locks to ensure the right brand, style, and finish to perfectly match your home’s style.

If you wish to replace your old hardware with new hardware, you should have this available on the date of your refinishing project - to be purchased on a like-for-like basis for replacement - for a nominal fee.

By replacing your door’s hardware you will have:

  • Increased safety and security
  • Beautiful new look to compliment your refinished door
  • Peace of mind knowing you have the latest hardware available


If the weather and time have worn down the sealing around your door, we can replace them. As with door sweeps, we can weatherize most of the doors in your home.

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