Hardware Replacement Installation


We offer a hardware installation replacement services for hardware covered under your current manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Over time, door hardware can succumb to corrosion, wear, or discoloration, losing its functionality and natural beauty. When this happens, it becomes essential to replace the hardware as part of the door restoration and refinishing process. National Door Refinishing understands the significance of quality hardware in revitalizing your doors. They offer a comprehensive hardware replacement service, ensuring that your doors not only function flawlessly but also showcase the perfect style and finish to match your home's new look. Let's explore how National Door Refinishing can help you select and install the ideal door handles and locks for your door refurbishment project.

  1. Restoring Functionality and Beauty:Hardware that no longer functions properly or has lost its aesthetic appeal can detract from the overall look and functionality of your doors. National Door Refinishing's hardware replacement service addresses this issue by providing brand-new, high-quality hardware. By replacing worn-out components, you can restore the smooth operation of your doors and bring back their original beauty.
  2. Lifetime Finish Warranty:Most hardware comes with a manufacturer's lifetime finish warranty, allowing you to replace corroded or discolored pieces at no additional cost. National Door Refinishing ensures that the replacement hardware matches the warranty specifications, enabling you to take advantage of this coverage. This warranty-backed replacement guarantees a long-lasting and visually pleasing result.
  3. Upgrading to Fit Your Home's New Look:If you're seeking a fresh style or finish to match your home's updated aesthetics, National Door Refinishing can assist you in selecting the perfect door handles and locks. Their knowledgeable team will guide you through a wide range of options, ensuring that the hardware you choose complements the overall design and ambiance of your space. By upgrading your hardware, you can achieve a cohesive and polished look that enhances your home's visual appeal.
  4. Brand, Style, and Finish Selection:National Door Refinishing takes pride in offering an extensive selection of reputable hardware brands, styles, and finishes. Their team will work closely with you to understand your preferences and requirements, helping you choose the hardware that aligns perfectly with your vision. Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary, or transitional design, they have the ideal hardware solutions to meet your specific needs.
  5. Convenient Hardware Availability:To ensure a smooth hardware replacement process, National Door Refinishing advises having the new hardware available on the day of your refinishing project. This allows them to replace the old hardware on a like-for-like basis, minimizing any disruption to the installation process. With their nominal fee, you can effortlessly upgrade your hardware as part of the overall door refinishing project.

National Door Refinishing's hardware replacement service offers the perfect solution for restoring and refining your doors. By replacing worn-out or unsightly hardware with high-quality components, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your doors. Whether you opt for a like-for-like replacement or choose to upgrade to a new style and finish, National Door Refinishing's expertise and wide selection of hardware ensure a seamless and satisfying experience. Trust National Door Refinishing to transform your doors with their exceptional hardware replacement service and bring new life to your home.

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