Your front door is one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior and makes a valuable first impression to guests, visitors, and prospective real estate agencies. Whether you’re looking to enhance the look of your home or business, our dedicated refinishing experts can provide you with the service and follow-through you deserve! Refinishing or restoring your front door can not only increase the potential resale value of your home, but also adds an additional layer of beauty and sophistication to your home. If you’re ready to give your front entrance a brand-new look, contact Dallas Door Refinishing today at (469) 571-2626 to schedule a free estimate!


We depend on our doors every day to secure our homes and protect our families. We also want them to look nice as they an integral part of a home’s overall look. We expect our doors to remain strong, reliable, and attractive looking yet, we seldom think how the environment gradually breaks down a door’s finish and its overall structural integrity. If your door has begun to chip, become discolored, or has lost its original shine and gloss, our Dallas refinishing experts can work toward restoring your property.

Door Refinishing and Restoration

We will refinish and restore the following types of doors: front entry door, wood door, iron door, fiberglass door, garage door, and shutter door.

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Follow Up Protective Clear Coat

To ensure that your doors are well maintained, our Dallas-Fort Worth restoration experts offer this follow-up service after every 2 years.

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Hardware Replacement Installation

We offer a hardware installation replacement services for hardware covered under your current manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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