Don't Replace Your Door, Refinish It

September 29, 2022

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Did you know you don’t have to replace your front door to get a new look?  That’s right.  National Door restores tired old doors to new in just one day.  If your old, dated door appears to have yellowed over time, add a warm color like walnut or cherry stain to give them new life.  

Our Process

National Door wood technicians spend the first few hours carefully removing your front door and prepping the wood surface so it can be restained.  The prep work is so important to ensure the stain and finish will adhere.  Many times, your project is done onsite. Once the final application of our water-based finishes is applied, it dries quickly so we can re-install your door and your home is safe again.  National Door finishes hold up to hot and rainy weather and will not yellow over time like oil-based finishes.  

National Door strives to make every home a happy home one door at a time.  Go online and schedule a free quote and take your first steps to having a happy home again.  Don’t forget to schedule soon for the holidays.  Be the first in your neighborhood with a newly restored front door. 


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